Job Description

What the Brand Solutions Team does

YourStory is looking for an experienced media management professional to head its Brand Solutions team.

The Brand Solutions head works closely with the YourStory Sales team, understanding the proposals and pitches made, the timelines committed, measures for success and the effort required to deliver the campaign.

YourStory’s Brand Solutions team writes and publishes a variety of articles, 90% of which is organic content (fits in with YourStory’s content philosophy), social media posts, video clips and full-fledged video features and interviews. Display ads account for 30% of our revenues and are also managed, optimised and reported by the team.

The team is also responsible for conceptualising and executing client-sponsored events, and ensuring audience acquisitions. It also runs YS flagship events such as TechSparks, MobileSparks and Bhasha. Other, occasional deliverables include websites/microsites, managing contests and awards programs, managing social media groups, and writing + producing white papers and research reports.

The team also supports the Sales team with content for large proposals as well as for content and video ideas for a variety of briefs that are received from media agencies. These can range from simple story ideas to large briefs that span a range of deliverables across several months.


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